Viña Maquis



Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Key Points Viña Maquis

  • The vineyard has an energy recovery system based on geothermal heat pump technology for which Viña Maquis won the 2013 Innovation Prize for energy saving and carbon footprint reduction awarded by the British-Chilean Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to this initiative, the vineyard has reduced its electrical consumption by 30% and its liquified gas requirements by 90%
  • Biological corridors host beneficial insects, birds and animals that help control vine pests in a natural manner.
  • 2,600 sheep help control weeds in the vineyards during winter and spring, and are rounded up every evening to spend the night in the vineyard’s weaker areas in order to increase soil fertility in these spots.
  • A daily monitoring system for disease control during the growing season allows for a 50% reduction in the amount of spraying.
  • Improving vineyard ventilation is achieved by managing vegetation near the riverbanks. The breezes channeled by the two rivers are brought inland, thereby helping with frost control in spring and cooling the temperatures in summer.  This ventilation of the vineyards helps to prevent the development of fungus on the grapes in a natural way.
  • The use of weed killers in the vineyards is reduced to a minimum.